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Grilled Cheese, Please!. My dad would love this Art in the Open roaming exhibition from Donnalee Downe. A great artist and teacher living in Charlottetown

Luncheon Meat, Dill Pickle and Canned Pea Stir Fry with Diana Sauce and Raspberry Syrup.

lunch aug 21 15

According to Dad this is a secret family recipe “passed down through generations.” I think he meant “passed over” by generations… I find it especially gross how the crumbled egg whites resemble the potatoes. And is this supposed to be served hot or cold? I’m not sure what would be worse?

pictures taken aug 2015 042

All the bologna men could not put Minion together again….

2015-08-balloon girl_how to

Dad’s creative lunches provide me with lots of inspiration about ways of re-imagining the world around me. Thanks Dad! I just opened an Etsy shop combining my whimsical illustrations with ultrasound/sonogram as the clouds in the sky. Having a baby or know someone that is? Check it out or share!

2015-08-tea party how tol