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My Dad's Lunch: 3 Bologna Men in a Liverboat

Fishing in a boat of leftover liver above a seabed of liver hash. Looks like they are biting!!

My Dad's Lunch: Liverdog with Beets

liverdog with beets and olives, orange jelly with marshmallows and a cool cream soda.

Dad's Lunch

There is something about this that reminds me of a felt banner that used to hang in our church when I young…… Peace on Earth and Goodwill to (Bologna) Men.

My Dad's Lunch

There’s blueberries!! And they aren’t processed!!

My Dad's Lunch: Salt Fish Hash, Olives and Pretzels

I’m concerned dad isn’t getting enough salt in his diet.

My Dad's Lunch: Tuna helper helps your mackerel make a great (?) meal.

Haven’t you always wondered what to do with leftover mackerel and cheddar goldfish? Why not try this delicious meal ready in just minutes.