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My Dad's Lunch: The Mackerel Burger

I call this one “The Big Mack”

My Dad's Lunch: Blood Pudding Burger and Jello Dessert

Dad's Lunch: ?????

Alright, I have no clue what this is. It could be some sort of cream soup? whipped potatoes? Pastry?….

My Dad's Lunch: Potatoes, Weiners and Gravy?

This was entitled “Potatoes, Weiners and Gravy” but I don’t recognize it. It looks like some sort of asian soup!?

My Dad's Lunch: At a Diner in Ottawa

…because poutine on it’s own just isn’t unhealthy enough, I suppose…

My Dad's Lunch: Aug 7

Note the “Pepsi Throwback”. I think it goes nicely with the throw back table.