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Lunch ….smiley face poutine …..rocky road cookies for desert………..

lunch jan 15 2016 (1)

“Cold plate with turtle potato salad and vienna sausages”


lunch jan 15 2016.JPG


lunch nov 09 2015 008 (2)

lunch aug 21 15

According to Dad this is a secret family recipe “passed down through generations.” I think he meant “passed over” by generations… I find it especially gross how the crumbled egg whites resemble the potatoes. And is this supposed to be served hot or cold? I’m not sure what would be worse?

pictures taken aug 2015 042

All the bologna men could not put Minion together again….

My Dad's Lunch: Blood Pudding Burger and Jello Dessert

Dad's Lunch

Bologna Men Relaxing in a Flower Bed