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Dad's Lunch

I tried to write a caption but nothing appropriate came to mind.

Summer Lovin'

Pork hash, bologna, grape tomatos, corn relish and pepsi

My Dad's Lunch, April 19

I think dad gave up good taste for Lent.

April 5, 2014

Spaghetti, peas, rich bologna gravy and a lime soda. Recipe on request.

Spring has arrived

……egg omelet, chick peas, tomato, some green grassy stuff and simulated bacon bits

snowmonster sighting out the kitchen window

The Bologna Men Birth

North West Canadian Lunch

I wonder if Emily Carr ever thought about bologna totem poles?

Rabbit in Carrotland

rabbit meat hash, carrots, bacon bits, peas pudding and root beer

Liver and Beet Sandwich with a McDonalds Coke

I’m assuming the condiments will make this taste better?