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“Black lunch today to reflect the black mood caused by the recent budget.

Recipe provided upon request.”


black dinner (5).JPG


lunch may 5 2016 liver (1)

lunch apr 21 2016 014


march 2016 pictures 024

Lunch today potato salad accompanied by duck liver pate made with cream and Madeira wine, garnished with orange peel and cranberries.


lunch feb 2016 014

Lunch ….smiley face poutine …..rocky road cookies for desert………..

lunch jan 15 2016 (1)

“Cold plate with turtle potato salad and vienna sausages”


lunch jan 15 2016.JPG

“Light lunch today on newly arrived Lily plate…pate sandwich with mayo and cheese whiz, Jolly Rancher drink.”- Dad

lunch jan 11 16 pate sandwich (4)